I. Business Model

What is Mobeewave’s business model?

Mobeewave licenses its payment acceptance platform, providing it either as a white-label solution or as a Software Development Kit (SDK) to be incorporated into an existing application or mobile banking offering.

What are the major differences and requirements of a pilot project versus a commercial launch?

The major differences and requirements relate to the number of devices in use, the total transaction volume, the total transaction value and the level of participation from technology providers and payment card companies.

How will my company benefit from licensing the Mobeewave solution?

By providing their clients with a convenient and secure method for digitizing cash transactions, Mobeewave’s bring-your-own-device solution enables the licensee tocater to otherwise unserved micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses. It enables them to reach to a wide range of niche verticals and cashless markets – providing solutions for anything from charities and events to mobile merchants and line-busting for retail.

II. Security

Is the Mobeewave solution certified?

The Mobeewave platform has been approved by both Mastercard and Visa. In order to receive such approval, Mobeewave has passed the necessary tests and met both organizations’ security standards.

Does the Mobeewave solution meet with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)?

Mobeewave has the necessary support to carry out all projects while in the process of obtaining full certification.

How does Mobeewave provision phones to support the Mobeewave payment acceptance platform?

In collaboration with Samsung, Mobeewave has the necessary access to enable the platform to be downloaded onto a phone’s Embedded Secure Element. This is a seamless, instantaneous, over-the-air process, which is completed immediately after downloading the application from the Google Play Store for the first time.

How does the Mobeewave solution ensure a transaction is secure?

The Mobeewave solution works by reading contactless card and mobile wallet data via the NFC chip on the user’s device. The software that interacts directly with the card/wallet data resides in the Embedded Secure Element hardware of the device – the most secure part of a smartphone. By doing so, it ensures that all the sensitive payment data is encrypted before it is passed into the Android operating system. The encrypted data is then forwarded to the secure Mobeewave gateway where it is decrypted and passed onto the payment processor who completes the transaction. Sensitive customer cardholder data is therefore never stored or visible in clear text in the Mobeewave Android application.

III. Integration

How do we integrate the Mobeewave solution?

The Mobeewave technology can be integrated either as a white-label solution or as a Software Development Kit (SDK). The white label solution is created by the Mobeewave team as a standalone application featuring the branding of the licensee. The application is then made available by the licensee to their customers through the Google Play Store. Alternatively, the technology can be incorporated into an organization’s existing application through Mobeewave’s SDK.

What information and requirements are needed to integrate the Mobeewave solution?

In order to integrate the Mobeewave solution, it is necessary to provide: the requirements related to the customization of the licensee’s mobile app; the specification for their processing host; access to a test environment; and support for the necessary integration and certification.

How long does it take to Integrate the Mobeewave solution?

A: Integration typically takes three to four months.

IV. Know Your Customer: On-boarding (liability)

Who carries out the client on-boarding for Know Your Client (KYC) compliance?

The responsibility for KYC compliance and underwriting lies with the licensee and the payment processor.

How can Mobeewave help me digitally onboard merchants?

Mobeewave can either integrate with your existing online onboarding solution or collaborate with your current onboarding service provider to fit with their process.

V. Devices supported

What devices are supported by the Mobeewave solution?

The Mobeewave platform leverages the Embedded Secure Element (eSE) found in modern smartphones. The patented technology behind the platform – known as BEE – is integrated into the eSE, ensuring that the transaction process is secure and enabling the platform to be approved as a payment acceptance solution.

Mobeewave has a partnership agreement with Samsung, which means the Mobeewave platform is available for commercial use on Samsung flagships devices in targeted markets around the world. This close collaboration has provided Mobeewave with the necessary access and provisioning ability for Samsung devices.

Mobeewave is currently developing an alternative application of the Mobeewave platform as a SoftPOS solution, which will be available on all Android-based devices.

VI. Roadmap

What cards are currently supported by the Mobeewave solution?

At present the Mobeewave solution supports Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards. The company works closely with both companies and collaborates with them on pilot projects. Mobeewave is also working on rolling out several local debit schemes across various markets.

VII. Floor limit/PIN on Glass

Does the Mobeewave solution offer Pin on Glass as a feature?

Depending on the requirements of the licensee, it is possible to incorporate a PIN on Glass feature in the Mobeewave platform. While the Mobeewave team has already done the necessary technical development, there is currently no payment industry standard for software-based PIN on Glass. For this reason, Mobeewave is working closely with the standard bodies to ensure the platform will be in line with such standards as and when they are introduced.

What is the contactless floor limit per transaction with Mobeewave’s solution?

The contactless floor limit differs from market to market and usually ranges between $25 to $100 USD.

VIII. Product

Where can I find a demo version of the Mobeewave solution?

Please contact us for a customized demo of the Mobeewave solution.

Does the Mobeewave solution enable users to accept physical credit cards?


Does the Mobeewave solution enable users to accept Mobile Wallets?


Does the Mobeewave solution support host card emulation (HCE)?

It can accept HCE payments but does not support HCE for P2P exchange.

Does the Mobeewave solution offer a terminal management system?


What is Mobeewave’s BEE technology and what does it do?

BEE is Mobeewave’s patented core technology. It’s responsible for performing a contactless transaction and encrypting the customer’s card details before passing it through to HIVE.

Does the Mobeewave solution support receipt printing?

Yes, it would support a Bluetooth printer.

Is the Mobeewave solution EMV compliant?

Yes, the Mobeewave solution is compliant with the standards set by EMVCo – which is not to be confused with the ability to accept EMV (chip and PIN) payment.

What is the user experience like for merchants?

The Mobeewave platform has an intuitive user experience that enables a user to activate the solution directly on their mobile device. The streamlined onboarding process and over-the-air provisioning of the platform makes it easy for merchants to start accepting payments. After signing in, it’s simply a case of entering the amount and asking customers to tap the back of the phone.

IX. Current deployments

Where is the Mobeewave solution currently deployed?

The Mobeewave solution has already been deployed in Canada, Australia and Poland – with roll outs in other markets to be announced shortly.

In which countries could the Mobeewave solution be deployed?

The flexibility of the Mobeewave solution means that the platform is not limited by geographical restrictions. The fact that it can offer value to licensees in both mature and emerging contactless markets – coupled with Mobeewave’s partnership with Samsung – mean that the platform could ultimately be deployed globally.

What merchant verticals can the Mobeewave solution serve?

The fact that the platform enables anyone to accept payment using just their phone mean that it could feasibly be used by any and all merchant verticals.