Vision & Mission

At Mobeewave, we envision an open, inclusive digital economy, accessible to everyone – wherever they are in the world.

To make this a reality, we are on a mission to allow anyone to accept payment using just their phone.

Our Story

Benjamin du Haÿs and Maxime de Nanclas founded Mobeewave in 2011 with the goal of developing a solution that would fit with the realities of a more cashless world.

They recognized that the digitization of payment and the widespread adoption of smartphones had created the need for a technology that would turn a phone into a payment terminal – without the need for external hardware.

Based in Montreal, the Mobeewave Team has realized Benjamin and Maxime’s vision by creating a patented technology that offers a payment acceptance solution on an off-the-shelf phone.

Co-founders Bios

Benjamin du Haÿs
Co-CEO and co-founder of Mobeewave
For more than 25 years, Benjamin du Haÿs has been making an impact on the international stage. In that time, he has striven to compete in the Olympic Games, overseen a European business’ entrance into the North and South American markets and founded a game-changing company that will revolutionize the mobile payment world.

Maxime de Nanclas
Co-CEO and co-founder of Mobeewave
A serial entrepreneur with an appetite for adventure, Maxime de Nanclas has founded and guided a string of successful tech start-ups. He has spent the last 12 years building thriving companies in the areas of embedded systems and payment, cultivating strategic partnerships with global players and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

Contact Us

80 Rue Queen Suite 502, Montreal, QC, Canada H3C 2N5