Cutting-Edge Cashless Solution Used at Chromatic 2017

Mobeewave’s mobile contactless payment acceptance solution was recently used at Montreal’s Chromatic Festival – an annual celebration of the city’s creative art scene. The eight edition of the event was hosted at two venues, the Arsenal exhibition space and Studio l’Éloi, and ran from May 24 until June 1. Thanks to Mobeewave’s solution the festival organizers were able to accept payments made with contactless cards and mobile wallets using just a smartphone.


“We used Mobeewave’s solution during our festival to sell tickets and at the bars at the venues,” said Massivart’s Co-founder and Chromatic’s CFO Sun Min Dufresne. “It was an excellent experience for us and our clients. Everything was fast and the team provided first-class customer service.”

Chromatic’s extensive program of events is made up of four components: Expo Chromatic – a showcase of the work of 50 artists hailing from Montreal and further afield; Nuit Chromatic – dance music events featuring a selection of DJs and VJs; Chromatic Kids – creative workshops for children with artistic, interactive and recreational activities; and, Chromatic Pro (organized in partnership with C2 Montreal) – conferences dedicated to art and cultural professionals.

Mobeewave’s contactless payment acceptance solution has been used at a number of live events in Montreal this summer. In addition to Chromatic, the cashless service was also available at both C2 Montreal – the city’s renowned business conference – and Movin’On – an international summit on sustainability.

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