Changing How Cashless Payments Are Accepted at Events

A live event is meant to be an experience to savour. Whether you’re seeing your favourite band or cheering for your team, it’s a chance to join with others to share in a moment to remember. But there’s a big difference between being part of the crowd and being stuck in a crowd. While waiting in line to get in, grab something to drink or buy a souvenir can be unavoidable, it shouldn’t take away from the real reason you’re there. That’s why event organizers are always looking to ease the purchasing experience for attendees – ensuring sales are made quickly, with as little of the action missed as possible.

Two Montreal technology start-ups have recognized the fact that when the good times roll, it’s important that waiting lines roll too. As announced at SXSW, Connect&GO and Mobeewave are coming together to revolution how payments are accepted at live events. Combining radio-frequency identification (RFID) and mobile contactless payment acceptance, this service – which is enabled by Global Payments – will provide an innovative cashless payments acceptance solution to live events around the world.

Addressing a Payment Pain for Both Attendees and Organizers

Organizers of major festivals and sporting events are embracing more cashless solutions because they recognize that dealing with cash is a problem – both for people attending events and for those working at them. As handling cash takes more time, it leads to longer queues and less people getting served. Relying primarily on cash also creates the possibility that attendees may run out of funds while at an event and inevitably reduces their ability and willingness to spend.

Supporting cash payments can be an expensive and problematic proposition. For attendees, it means dealing with high ATM charges, while organizers have to contend with the security issues of handling and transporting large amounts of cash.

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