Anyone, anywhere, can accept cashless payment for anything

with Mobeewave’s patented contactless payment-acceptance capability for mobile wallets

By enabling consumers to put cash in to their mobile wallet, Mobeewave powers the True Wallet Experience,
facilitating the making and receiving of mobile payment. The mobile wallet thus becomes a winning proposition
– for both consumers and wallet brands.

From now on, we will all be doing more P2P electronic payments
driven by the convergence of world-changing trends


We live in a mobile-first, digitally-connected world

at least 60% of developed countries’ populations own a smartphone (Pew)

85% of young adults (digital natives) use a smartphone to access information online and make transactions


We are moving towards a cashless society

electronic payment represents up to 80% in value in developed countries (Bank of Canada)

developing countries are leveraging mobile money to facilitate everyday finances


The sharing economy is making us all “merchants for a day”

by 2025, the sharing economy will equal the value of the traditional rental sector (PWC)

over 60% of sharers are digital natives

Mobile wallets are helping us pay, but how do we get paid?
We need to be able to put cash in to our m-wallet just like a real wallet.

And we need to be able to accept payment from complete strangers – not just people we know – in-person, securely and without giving away personal information. Mobeewave is the only technology that can make a mobile wallet into a True Wallet, enabling P2P mobile payments face-to-face – just like cash – but with greater convenience and security.

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2013 Fintech Montréal Developpeur Corporatif in Payment hubs mobile banking or business intelligence


2015 Cartes Secure Connexions/Sesames Award in Best Mobile Security Solution with Oberthur Technologies

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